Albertus Valkenburg
GM & Owner
Age: 32

He was born in the Netherlands and his first contact with Latin America was at the age of 17, when he joined a volunteer program in Bolivia. Later at the age of 21 he came to Nicaragua, from where he has been a resident since 2000.

Commonly known as ´Alberto or El Chele´, his first years in Nicaragua he worked as a social worker at the Indigenous neighborhood Monimbo, Masaya. He managed Projects for kids & youth in high (social)-risk.

He started Tierra Tours with his good friend and co-owner, Alvaro Arana in August 2003. Nursing this company and slowly building it up to a fully operating Tour Operator, today employing 15 people directly and many others indirectly.
He is married and has a beautiful son. He feels strongly committed to the staff and Nicaragua.

Alvaro Arana Blandon
President & Owner

Alvaro is a native of Granada and co-founder of Tierra Tours. He comes out of a multi cultural family, with Mexican and Nicaraguan roots. As a teenager he lived in Toronto, getting in touch with many cultures, opening his eyes to the world. He studied graphic designing and came back to Nicaragua in ´98.

His English and special interest in cultures became the door to tourism. He is one of the first Nicaraguan entrepreneurs in tourism. Alvaro feels strongly about his country and takes proud in developing tourism and Tierra Tours.

Anthony Enrique Largaespada
Operation Manager Granada

Born in Granada 1981, Anthony comes from a small family, being an only son.

Anthony or ´Toni´ is our rock at the office. He is extremely competent, helpful, and always on top of things. He graduated as a computer engineer and has been working with Tierra Tours for 6 years. He most loves about his job the opportunities he gets, learning about tourism and his beautiful country.
He is the proud father of a little boy and a key person to all at Tierra Tours.

David Larios
Operation Manager Leon

David is from Leon. He has studied tourism and works with Tierra Tours for 2 years now.

He is a bright, young professional, giving a very positive buzz to Tierra Tours and tourism in general.

He is truly an Operational Manager; he attends the office, makes reservations, and coordinates travel logistics, cost analysis and more! If you work with us in Leon, you work with David! He likes to see Tierra Tours as his second family, appreciating the opportunities to get to know more about his country, culture and people.

Bernardo Alvarado
Professional Driver

Bernardo comes from the heart of Nicaragua, Chontales. He has been with Tierra Tours for 7 years, never - ever being late! He takes a great proud in his work, always with a smile, helpful and a clean, safe transport. He has decades of driving experience, from big trucks to small cars, he is a master behind the wheel! It seems he knows every single person along the road, haha! When he is not on the road with you guys then you will find him with his family, 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters and wife. He loves the adventure of being on the road, meeting people and enjoying the landscapes.

Roberto Antonio Salazar
Professional Driver

Roberto comes from Nandaime, close to Granada City. He also likes to eat the asphalt, being an extremely capably driver. He has been driving for Tierra Tours for 6 years now, always making the clients comfortable and getting them safe to their destinations. Roberto loves a good laugh, always eager to learn something new and a true road ambassador to Nicaragua. He has been married for 34 years and is a father to seven beautiful children. Roberto is a very dedicated driver, always on the road looking for your next destination.

Julio Lira
Professional Driver

Julio is our eldest employer, nearly sixty years old. He comes from the north of Nicaragua, Matagalpa City, coffee capital and home of the famous poet, Ruben Dario.

You will find Julio a quit, easy going driver. He has years of experience behind the wheels, drives any kind of terrain and always safe. He is known for his patience, very helpful. Julio is our ´Chele´ - (meaning white skinned Nicaraguan). He loves to read a magazine, or chill in a hammock while he is not driving.

Carlos Reyes Rodriguez.
Bilingual Guide

From the city of Masaya, Carlos is the seventh of eight brothers! He started in tourism as a guide at the oldest National Park, Masaya Volcano. He recently joined Tierra Tours, being extremely eager, he is a quick learner. He makes from every day a new experience. If he is your guide you will find him funny, interesting and very helpful. He will make your tour an unforgettable experience.

Javier Fuentes
Professional Driver

Javier has been with us from the beginning! First he drove the bus from one of our sub contractors and 4 years ago he started driving for us on a regular base. He is always ready if we need him, takes great care of any client or vehicle. Javier drives any of our vehicles, covering whenever needed, high season, free days, sickness – Javier is our man! His lay down personality; makes you feel comfortable within a heartbeat. He loves history and nature and is a true family men, raising 4 kids!

Graphics Designer

Vladimir is our youngest employer and with no doubts has a great future. He creates the visual aspect for Tierra Tours, has a great eye for details and a huge imagination. If you see our ads, flyers, posters, banners, folders, stickers, maps, logo´s….yes it´s Vladimir! He loves creating something new, something different, and always looking for a change or that one detail missing. We keep giving him new challenges and he keeps on designing incredible (art)-work.







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